A Return to Form…

Dear readers,

As you may have noticed Inky has taken a [longer than intended] break, due to commitments in our personal lives that have been unavoidable. With regret, Inky Paper, the zine component to Inky launched in January of this year, is not going to have any follow-up issues for now.

That being said, we are all keen to get Inky online back up on its feet. The website, founded in April of 2012 and moved here in January of 2015, has brought together many young writers and readers and published some great fiction and poetry. We are honoured that our email inbox is still full of your wonderful submissions, and although our replies will be very late we are slowly working through them and getting back to you.

We want to thank you all for sticking with us, and invite you to become a part of the revival that Inky needs now: please submit us your fiction, non-fiction and poetry, and send us photography and fine art too to accompany these literary posts. Please also continue to comment, like, and share Inky. Spread the written word.

Thanks, and you’ll from us again soon.



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